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“Power Tool Specialists”

Industrial Pneumatic & Supply Company (IPSC) specializes in Sales, Distribution and Service of Power Tools & Accessories to commercial, not for profit and government organizations related to Manufacturing & Construction. Our experienced staff provides solutions for specific customer needs.

As a Minority Owned Small Business, IPSC is committed to excellence and providing innovative and flexible solutions for our customers.

What sets IPSC apart from the competition?

Our People; Combined experience of over 100 years in Power Tools & Manufacturing Industry
Performance-Based Tooling Solutions for specific needs

High Quality Products Offering
Client Relationship Management
Strategic Mix of Products to support wide range of customers
In-House Warranty Repairs
Tool Calibration
Vendor Managed Inventory & Solutions
Core Capabilities
Our experienced staff analyze specific customer needs, research solutions, and provide expertise in the areas of:
Material Removal
Manufacturing & Assembly

We offer wide range of Products that can meet your specific Manufacturing & Assembly process requirements. We focus on what our customers want and not on “One size fit all” approach. Our Product offerings focus on solutions designed to enhance the performance of your processes. By incorporating industry’s best products into your processes, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customers.

Our services include;

On-Site Technical Support; Application Engineering
Try-outs: Loaner tools for testing
Tooling Inventory Management
Process solutions


Our Maintenance Services focus on working with your Plant Maintenance Team to make sure they have the right tools in working order to support all manufacturing activities. Our services include:

Repair Training Workshops
Rebuild/Refurbish Tools
Warranty Repairs-Eliminates the need to send the tools to manufacturers
Provide technical Assistance to your maintenance personnel
Loaner Tools
Preventive Maintenance Program
Material Removal


We offer a variety of products and tools to help in Material removal process. These include Tools & Abrasives. Some of the products include:
Variety of Grinders and Sanding tools with multiple configuration to suit specific application.

Abrasive belts and Pads
Market Penetration
Construction & Mining
Refining & Chemical
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
423830 – Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
423840 – Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
423490- Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
Key Tooling Manufacturers & Brands
Apex Tool Group: Dotco, Cleco
Aimco: Uryu, Acradyne
Chicago Pneumatic
Universal Tool
Gardner Denver

General Information
Registered Company Name: Industrial Pneumatic & Supply Company
Year Incorporated: 1983
State of Incorporation: Ohio
Corporation Type: “C” Corp.
DUNS Number: 06-889-1241
CAGE Code: 2Y440
Contact Information
Voice: (216) 398-7550
Fax: (216) 398-4772
Email: sales@ipscshop.com
Web: www.IPSCshop.com
President: Ajay Bhandari. Email: ajay@Industrialpneumatic.net
General Sales Manager: John Hafer. Email: jhafer@industrialpneumatic.net
Customer Service: Tina Hoysak. Email: tina@industrialpneumatic.net